Monday, 20 April 2009

Time Zone

So careful was I with the original setup of the blog that I left the timezone as Pacific Time!
Not a great problem in the scheme of things, but when you see the time on one of my messages as being 12.40am from today, then it really is a twenty to one in the morning. Like now.
I find it just a good time to get online without the kids and without any interruptions.


Yes, I did forget that I had created this blog. It has been awhile...
But hey, the group members are great and we have no major issues ever, so there has rarely been a need to add stuff - although I will be adding the occasional Admin messages here in future, so that everyone knows what is happening in advance. Particularly for those members that are seeking more info about the group.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Your location is Important!

Many members frequently question the need for a location on messages be they Offers or Wants. To put it simply, a location enables most members to make the decision in deciding whether it is worthwhile to collect an item or not.
I really can't see the point if someone has to travel 50 miles round trip to collect something that has a value of £10 or whatever. The pollution generated by that simple journey far outweighs the advantages in keeping the item out of landfill.
Though many members ignore this issue of "alternative pollution".

Location reminder

OK, so I send out a reminder several times per year regarding the need for including a location on the subject line (or at the very least, in the message body).
It really does help and benefit everybody because the wanter or the giver can immediately decide whether the distance is appropriate.
Personally, I am more likely to respond to someone that lives locally, and certainly those who are nearest are more likely to collect or be available when I am collecting!
Do visit us when you get the chance...

But please don't ask for playstations, Wii's, plasma tv's, bentley convertibles, houses etc. They really are unlikely to be given away, and may affect your chances of obtaining other items in the future. (Other members do notice these sort of requests.)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Stone me!

I always remembr reading this phrase in those action/ commando comics of the early 80's/90's.

Wow! Now we have a blog

Greetings all,

I am pleased to announce the creation of our blog for freecycleMilton-Keynes.
Constructive comments here are always welcome. Suggestions can be made here, but are best made to the moderators at

The comments that may be posted here are not necessarily sanctioned by but may be made in response to a local message or situation.